Since 1962 we have been creating functional pieces using fiberglass, polyester and epoxy resins. In 1983 we were introduced to Kevlar, carbon fiber and vinylester resin.

In August of 2009 a friend gave us a broken kayak paddle. Never being ones to leave things alone we modified it using input from several paddler friends including Tom Prindeville and Joseph Peddigrew.

Our friends liked the paddle so much that they both wanted it. We had to make another, then another and so on, as our paddles spread around the local area and beyond.

Now we are making wing blade kayak paddles as well as SUP paddles. We have entry-level paddles in fiberglass and high-end paddles in carbon fiber.

At this point we are tooling up to increase production to meet demand.

Please feel free to contact us for details. info@aceofbladespaddles.com
Tom Prindeville and Paddle #1, September ‘09


Whether laminating with carbon fiber or fiberglass, vynlester or epoxy, all of our blades are vacuum cured to insure optimum resin to fiber ratios with zero voids to achieve designed stiffness at minimum weight.

We choose fiber and resin combinations to produce the flex or stiffness that our testers and customers have told us they want to feel for the type of paddling they do and for the conditions in which they want to paddle.

We have produced many prototypes and put them in many hands to establish our line of kayak and SUP paddles.

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